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​​Nurturing the whole child through inspired, authentic and meaningful work

​​​​Welcome to Topsail Montessori 

Thank you for your interest in Topsail Montessori. We realize this is an important decision for your family, and we appreciate your taking time to explore our school for your child’s education.  

Whether you know a little or a lot about Montessori philosophy, you are in for a real treat as you explore our school and the guiding principles of Montessori education. Classrooms at Topsail Montessori are exciting laboratories of discovery where children thrive using hands-on materials in multi-age groups. Children work to accomplish activities independently and with partners, concentrating deeply and moving with care and purpose through the learning environment. The children’s natural curiosity and passion drive their exploration, as they develop mastery of new concepts with the gentle guidance and support of our teachers. Confidence, respectful communication, problem solving, and independence are all skills you will observe when you visit our classrooms at Topsail Montessori. Children develop these essential 21st century skills naturally in a Montessori environment, where they are engaged in authentic and meaningful learning.

We invite you to schedule a tour
 to see our classrooms in action. You will gain understanding about how Montessori education works and can see for yourself the tangible benefits children experience at Topsail Montessori. As parents,  we all want the best for our children. Come find out if our school is just what you've been searching for!