​​Montessori education is a child-centered approach that is unique in its use of hands-on materials to support children as they develop the skills, strategies and confidence to become lifelong learners. Daily activities are a balance of self-directed exploration and small group lessons, empowering children to be independent, self-directed and purposeful in their learning.  ​Students have a personalized educational experience based on a combination of their passions and initiative with the nurturing guidance of teachers.

Our newly renovated school is just a short drive from Topsail Beach and Wilmington. The grounds surrounding our campus are home to grazing sheep, turtles and geese nesting by the pond, laying hens and an entrance lined with 200 year-old oak trees. Being surrounded by these treasures fosters a love and respect for nature. The outdoors is an extension of the Montessori classroom as children play, explore, and care for one another and their environment. Guiding principles of Montessori education include:

Hands-on learning

Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Individualized pacing & instruction

Multi-age classrooms leading to peer learning

Teachers who guide and support each child's natural learning process

Movement as an integral part of the learning process

Respect for oneself, others and the environment

​Deep connection with nature

Integrated curriculum