Teen Meetup

Tuesdays, Sept. 3 - Dec. 10
cost: $325 total or $25 per session

​Students ages 11-16 are invited to join us each Tuesday to undertake various service projects within the local community. Get to know your neighbors, make connections with other local teens and contribute to the wellness, education and beautification of our area.

This program is limited to 12 students.


​​Elementary Meetup

​​Tuesdays, Sept. 3 - Dec. 10
cost: $200 total or $16 per session

​Students ages 6-11 are invited to join us each Tuesday to engage in hands-on, collaborative explorations of earth science, geography and cultures around the world! Exploring life  around the planet will help students make connections with one another, while developing an understanding of interdependence and stewardship. 

This program is limited to 16 students.

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